Inis Oirr, Aran Islands


In July of 2009 I spent one month on the Aran Island of Inis Oirr on an Artists Residency. While there I made a sculpture treasure trail for children, the idea being that they discovered the various sculptures I had made on the Island. All the sculptures were made on location using whatever material that was to hand. For this reason, some of them blended so well into their environment that they were challenging to find.

After I finished my residency I left the sculptures in place, exposed to the elements and to anyone who may happen upon them.

In August 2010 I returned to Inis Oirr and revisited all the locations of the sculptures and photographed them, or what remained of them. Some of the pieces looked almost completely untouched, like the wheel. Others were dismantled either by people or the sea, as in the case of the buoys.

The photographs below show the pieces when they were first made and then the pieces one year on.

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